About Us

Jurukur Warisan Sdn. Bhd. is founded by Mr. Mok Kam Loong in 1998. After working for a decade with a private firm, the founder went into practice of his own as he felt that with his personal and hands on experience in all disciplines of land surveying, he is able to provide a comprehensive range and competent services in this field. 

Jurukur Warisan Sdn. Bhd. has several staff with in-deep knowledge and skill in various fields of surveying. In addition to their know-how the firm has acquired up-to-date surveying and drafting equipment and developed its own processing and utility software aim to increase productivity, efficiency and accuracy from field to plan drawing. 

Hence, with the vast experience and the utilization on modern equipment and the ability in customizing specific needs, Jurukur Warisan Sdn. Bhd. is poised to offer a wide range of surveying services to its clients.